Did you get a Metaverse Billboards gift card SEASON ONE NFT?

You can redeem your gift card for a one week metaverse billboard campaign, which runs one advertisement on all billboards in our cryptovoxel billboard network!

This websites explains, how you can redeem the NFT and which terms apply.

Contact us via Discord

If you got a gift card NFT please contact us via Discord or E-Mail. We are looking forward to run your campaign!

Send us an image, a link and the NFT

Send us a 2073 x 1463 .png file and a link for your landing page. When all is set up, please send the gift card NFT to a wallet address that we will provide.

Enjoy a one week campaign in cryptovoxels

Thats it. Enjoy your campaign in cryptovoxels and tell others about your awesome campaign in the metaverse!

Terms of Service for gift cards (sorry for this, it`s mainly about fair use):

The gift card is valid if it was minted by this address: 0x091089aff4d6e0cc02be0ffac99253f5581a97d8.

The gift card is valid until September 2021 (because we have reserved corresponding campaign slots from November 2020 to September 2021).

You need to own the copyright or the suitable licenses and rights for all the content that we place on the billboards on your behalf.

We don`t do advertisements where advertising is regulated (e.g. medication, gambling, alcohol) or for goods and services which are unlawfull in the US, the EU, in NZ or in any other country. We don`t accept NSFW advertisements. We don`t do advertisements for elections or politics. 

We can`t guarantee a specific campaign start date but we will do our best to meet your time shedule, if we have campaign slots available which aren`t booked. If you wish a specific time slot, please reach out early, so that we can reserve a slot for you.

Only one image and one link to your landing page is supported for this campaign. The link is realized through a redirect link from the billboards. At the moment only .png files are supported. The file requirements might change in future because we are continously evolving the network. The participating billboard parcels may change from time to time.  

We do not track clicks on the billboards.

We cannot issue an invoice to you for redeeming the gift card because the gift card was bought by another entity that already got an invoice. 

IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to reject the advertisement (we don’t want to be surprised by illegal, harmful, unethical or offensive advertisements and in our TOS we can`t write down everything in this regard) or stop the advertisement at any time (there may be technical or other difficulties that we can`t control or haven`t foreseen). In this case you would get a compensation limited to 250 USD (in ETH to the address that send the NFT to us) but no further compensation.