This was an awesome event full of top-class speakers all around blockchain: Crypto Basel 2020! With […]
This week, we have Geniuscorp on our billboards. They have the blueprint to release music on […]
This week we have an ad campaign for another awesome project: With Niftex you can create […]
Have you ever wondered if #cryptoart is only bound to the Ethereum blockchain? It is not! […]
The blockchain project (DAO) Machi X is a collective of artists and patrons, curating and trading […]
The new campaign from  Johnvan Hartmann is all about art. Get early access through You […]
At the moment Pinata is running a campaign on the Cryptovoxel Billboards. Pinata offers an easy […]
This was an awesome campaign launched by two artists to promote their art piece. We are […]
Our first billboard campaign is dedicated to a charity event. Join the „Cryptovoxels Charity Art Auction“ […]