We have specialized in (Crypto-)Voxel billboards! Over 250 billboards on more than 140 parcels.

You can`t buy ads here

We have changed our operating mode. 
We support projects we are excited about with donored billboards.

Latest News

Metaverse billboards has always been a project that we have run more for fun and as an affair of the heart. We have therefore decided to change the way we work. From now on we will […]
We have just started a rarible campaign on more than 250 billboards all over Cryptovoxels. Rarible is the first community-owned NFT marketplace. You can create, sell or collect digital items secured with blockchain. We are happy […]
The year 2021 started with an awesome campaign! Have you heard from Metapurse? They purchased the Beeple 20 Collection for $2.2 million in December 2020. On January 23rd the community came together and wrote metaverse and […]
This was an awesome event full of top-class speakers all around blockchain: Crypto Basel 2020! With Dao Records, Ancestral Cyborg, Coldie, Gemini Films and many other speakers. You missed the event? Get to and listen […]
This week, we have Geniuscorp on our billboards. They have the blueprint to release music on the blockchain! At first they will release the 14 tracks album „Others Die“ wich aims to highlight new ways for […]
This week we have an ad campaign for another awesome project: With Niftex you can create and trade ERC20 fractions of non-fungible tokens. This means, that many people can have a part (shard) of one nft!
Have you ever wondered if #cryptoart is only bound to the Ethereum blockchain? It is not! has created an awesome platform on the Hive chain – without fees(!) Give it a try and have a […]
The blockchain project (DAO) Machi X is a collective of artists and patrons, curating and trading digital art. In September Machi X hosted an open gallery for NextChapter featuring Sean Chen, a DC Comics artist! Have […]
The new campaign from  Johnvan Hartmann is all about art. Get early access through You can also have a sneak peak by visiting the park in Makers District. Have fun!
At the moment Pinata is running a campaign on the Cryptovoxel Billboards. Pinata offers an easy way to use the IPFS to store your files in a decentralized network. Check out their website or their […]
We sponsored an awesome campaign launched by two artists to promote their art piece. We are talking about skeenee and raredesigner – it was their first collaboration on Async Art! Skeenee and Raredesigner created some awesome […]
Our first billboard campaign is dedicated to a charity event. Join the „Cryptovoxels Charity Art Auction“ at JamesSW Auction House on Thursday, April 16 at 9.45 UST. Don`t miss the opportunity to bid on art from […]

Billboards in the open metaverse

We have huge billboard networkss in the following parts of the open  and connected metaverse:




No. We stopped to sell billboard advertisements because this was more like a heart project from the beginning. We only support projects with donored billboards. So we want to support cryptoartists and projects that are good for the web3 community and the open metaverse.
We need a 2073 x 1463 pixel image (.png file) and one link. It is also possible to use animated gifs (with max. 3 different images in the aniomation) but the quality would be very poor in some parts of the metaverse (voxels).

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